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Wendys International

LDF Food Group, Inc. is a restaurant operation committed to success by consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations, by being the Employer of Choice of “Choice” people, by maintaining controlled growth and profitable operations.

LDF aims to guarantee an outstanding dining experience in a clean and relaxed environment with superior quality food and pleasant service through its Wendy’s franchises. The company has received every major award given by Wendy’s International and continues to strive for excellence. Strict adherence to all of the Wendy’s International training and operational programs has resulted in the company being ranked in the top 5% of all franchisees in numbers of restaurants certified by the franchisor. LDF continually positions themselves for success.

The company currently has over 38 Wendy’s restaurants in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. All of our restaurant locations are WiFi enabled providing free wireless, high-speed internet access to all of our customers.

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