LDF Food Group’s Philosophy

The philosophy of LDF Food Group, Inc. is to achieve excellence in our relations with our:

  • Customers
    By insuring satisfaction through providing competitively priced quality products and superior service in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment.
  • Employees
    By recruiting, employing, empowering, and retaining a diverse workforce of quality people who contribute to the achievement of corporate success.
  • Franchisors
    By fulfilling our contractual agreement and maintaining an attitude that generates, and is receptive to, suggestions that will enhance our relationship and mutual profitability.
  • Fellow Franchisees
    By sharing information, resources and/or support that are deemed appropriate.
  • Neighborhoods
    By responding in a timely manner to all concerns regarding our restaurants and by pursuing appropriate marketing activities.
  • Community
    By being aware of the needs of the community and becoming involved in programs, organizations, or events that are considered feasible and worthy of support that provide positive public relations and/or sales opportunities for The LDF Companies.
  • Charities
    By supporting our WWK Foundation and other charities as deemed appropriate.
  • Vendors
    By establishing a professional business relationship in which the meeting of our stated expectations is rewarded with timely payments and loyalty.
  • Lenders
    By providing accurate and timely financial and operating information in a manner that allows them to measure our progress and compliance to loan agreements.
  • Government
    By supporting candidates and legislation that are positive for The LDF Companies and opposing candidates and legislation that are negative to The LDF Companies.
  • Competitors
    By competing intensely and professionally while keeping current with their respective marketing, products, prices, and operating activities.
  • The LDF Companies
    By actively supporting all the businesses, products, and people of our companies.

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