LDF Companies’ Philosophy

The philosophy of LDF Sales & Distributing, Inc. is to achieve excellence in our relations with our:

  • Employees
    By recruiting, employing, empowering, and retaining a diverse workforce of quality people who contribute to the achievement of corporate success.
  • Customers
    By providing products and services that achieve or exceed customer expectations.
  • Consumers
    By selling, distributing, and positioning products in the marketplace to assure their convenient and timely availability at competitive prices.
  • Community
    By being involved in broad-based community activities and events which enhance our image and provide positive visibility and sales opportunities for our products.
  • Distributors
    By sharing information, resources and support that is deemed appropriate.
  • The LDF Companies
    By actively supporting all the businesses, products, and people of our companies.
  • Vendors
    By establishing professional business relationships which provide fulfillment of our stated expectations and are rewarded with timely payments and loyalty.
  • Suppliers
    By fulfilling contractual agreements and maintaining an attitude that both generates and is receptive to suggestions that will enhance our mutual image, growth and profitability.
  • Political Activity
    By being aware of political issues and actively supporting those which enhance our business and actively opposing those that do not.
  • Competitors
    By competing honestly, intensely, and professionally while being knowledgeable of their operations, portfolio, brand and market place strategies.
  • Lenders
    By complying to loan agreements, and providing accurate and timely financial and operating information.

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